Button for swap editors

I really like using the split screen view in Scrivener when I’m editing since it lets me check another scene in my novel without losing my place. I generally like to keep the document I’m working on in the left side, while I look elseswhere in my project on the right. However, sometimes I find I forgot to focus on the correct side before moving elsewhere.

When I made this mistake, I had been manually resetting each side of the screen to where I wanted. Today I decided to check if there was a button to automatically switch the two editors. I couldn’t find this anywhere in the toolbar, but eventually after much digging discovered the option in a sub-menu (View>Layout>Swap Editors).

I think it would be great if this option was more easily found and accessible. A simple button with an arrow like <–> in an obvious place (maybe centered, just over the split between the views) would be ideal.

Been out of touch lately, but yeah, +1!

I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to accomplish this.

1+ for the addition of a “swap editors” key command in Windows.