Buy License

I try to buy the license, but the web site not work :confused:
Who i can buy it?

You can buy a licence from our web store at (describing exactly what is going wrong for you) and we will try to help.

All the best,

Was going to suggest Amazon, but it looks like that’s no longer a possibility.

Does this mean L&L has stopped selling through Amazon, or that Scrivener 2 is about to be replaced by 3?

Merci! But, this link not work for me :confused:

From U.S., I can still see Scrivener 2 available for sale on Amazon. FWIW

Ah, thanks. Only on this side of the pond. And there I was getting my hopes up.

Thanks guys! I have buy a license number… but there are “pirated” :mrgreen: I wait for a email from Astrid.
Wait and see

It’s oki :slight_smile: It was a not good thinks in windows/host.
Thank you for help.