Buying Scrivener IOS version for ipad and the iphone

I have the ipad ios version of Scrivener, can I now download the iphone version for free or do I have to buy again.

It wouldn’t have been quicker to just check the App Store?

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If you’re using the same AppleID on the iPad and iPhone, you can install the app from your AppleID’s past purchases.

If you’re using two different AppleIDs, you’ll need to set up Apple’s Family Sharing with those two AppleIDs to see if you’re able to share the purchase that way.

{insert numerous caveats about the financial implications of Family Sharing}

thank you. I tried the app store pigfender first and only option was to buy, I will check on the apple id for each device and then follow RuthS’s advice.

Suggest you use same Apple ID on all your devices you use. avoids extra cost buying new apps with different apple id’s.

But can be problematic if any of the devices in question are shared with other people. Both iPhone and iPads are really designed as single user devices, with full access to iCloud data belonging to the assigned AppleID. Family Sharing is a way to share apps without sharing data.


that is why so said “you use”. individual single use machines.