Camp NaNo (July)

Interested in Camp Nanowrimo for July? Got a project you’re working on, but don’t want to do the whole 50,000 word shtick? Check out Camp Nanowrimo! Set your own goals! Procrastinate^H^H^H Receive motivation through the Poetry and Plonk cabin!

To join, create a project, then post your username. I’ll send an invite shortly.

I’m doing my fifth Camp Nano. Recommended!

Please add Silver Dragon (yes, two words. Don’t know if caps needed.) See you soon, Garpu!

Would you like an invite to the cabin? :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I’m already in a cabin.

My cabin is pretty dead. Eleven of the twenty are still at zero. Good for my self-esteem, I guess, but I wish I’d joined yours. Yellow is “first-draft completed.”

It’s easy to overshoot with April and July, I found. I do like the format better, though. I can’t say my work is any good, but it’s certainly a good exercise to work regularly every day. :slight_smile:

I finished today. 52K words. I’ll probably add another 1-2K during revision.

Sorry for the shameless bragging.

How is your cabin doing?

Not as well as you.… :wink:

Kind of slacked off lately…