"Campfire" Character and Timeline integration to Scrivener or native solution

I have recently been Introduced to a character, event and timeline program for writers called campfire. It is aimed mainly at Novel writers or those who write long narratives.

Essentially it allows you to create character profiles and Map these to a timeline so you can see the growth and development of a character / plot and where they interconnect.

It was one of those times where I didn’t know i needed it until I was exposed to it… and i think it would be a pretty great addition to scrivener if you were able to add it. It also allows one to upload a map of say the world (im a fantasy writer) and pin events and details to the various places on the map or rather link to the individual notes. Which is super useful.

Just thought these would be super great additions to scrivener.

p.s I purposely haven’t put a link to the software / site as i wasn’t sure if this was allowed.

If you mean that you think it would be a great App to use in conjunction with Scrivener, then I’m sure there are those who would be interested, and Matt will have to look to his laurels with Aeon Timeline.

If you mean that you hope it can be integrated into Scrivener, then I think this post from Keith, round about the launch of Scrivener 2 for Mac, long before the launch of Scrivener for Windows, is germane.

I think the blog post is definitely worth re-visiting for all those who are asking for a timeline, a macro system and many other features for Scrivener. Not only does it show how Keith takes seriously any wishes posted here, even if he says “no” at the time, and yet how he has later found ways to bring those features to Scrivener which at that time he found beyond scope—styles is very much a case in point, as is his new (fledgling?) integrated DOCX importer/exporter. The blog may have been written before the advent of Scrivener 2 for Mac, but it is still relevant today in terms of how clear he is about the development of Scrivener.