CampNanoWriMo Coupon Question

Because of the two relatively close months that Camp Nanowrimo was active, I managed to complete both of my goals for each month and now, I have two coupons for the Scrivener (one that expires at the beginning of September and one that expires at the beginning of November).

I was wondering if there was any way that I could use them both to get Scrivener? The couple of times that I tried to enter both coupons, it didn’t seem to work. Right now, I’m low on funds but I really want to get Scrivener.


Asking a business to give you something for free, even if you have two 50% off coupons is a rather silly notion. I can appreciate being short on funds, but don’t you think getting zero dollars for their work is a bit much to ask? :neutral_face:

It wouldn’t be free. If it’s $40, half of that is $20 and half of that would $10 which is something that I currently have and affored.

Thanks for your interest in Scrivener, and congratulations on your two wins! The coupons can’t be combined, but since they last for a while, you could always hang onto one in case you get a windfall down the road. You’re also welcome to give away one or both coupons if you like; there’s a forum for this over on the NaNoWriMo boards, and of course you can just give them to a friend, your blog readers, your mom, whomever. :slight_smile: