Can both editors be used simultaneously like ...

… this:

Let’s say the top editor is in either of the three viewing modes (document, corkboard or outliner) - can the bottom editor dynamically change to show the document selected above? This would be particularly handy for scrolling up and down the corkboard or outliner while seeing the full document text (if you so choose) instead of just the synopsis.

I guess this would be my favoured way of working because I sometimes like to ramble with my notes and therefore avoid ‘converting’ them into synopses because of their size.

Would be great if this is possible. Haven’t been able to find anything via a forum search though.

Thanks in advance.


Click on the button with the two arrows in the footer of the outliner or corkboard so that they turn blue, then anything you select in the outilner or corkboard will be shown in the other editor (I’m surprised you couldn’t find this in a search as it comes up a lot, but hope this helps!).

All the best,

This is possible by using the auto-load mode, which is toggled by the button with two opposing arrows in the footer bar for either Corkboard or Outliner. The setting is per-split, so if you switch view modes it won’t disengage.

When on, anything you click on within that split will be loaded in the other split, if the view is split. If it isn’t, nothing will happen, but the setting will remain active so that when you do split the screen again, it will go on working as it did.

Thanks for the speedy replies Keith/AmberV. No idea how I missed that - I’ll put it down to having only 2 hours sleep the night before. Works a treat - exactly what I was looking for.

Much appreciated.