Can directly use compiled .doc file published at Smashwords?

No replies yet to this post: is there anyone out there with experience with this? Thank you.

I am getting ready to publish my book at Smashwords. Reading over the Smashwords formatting instructions, they are telling me to reset the book to Normal style and then modify the style to their specs. I looked at the .doc compile of my book in Word and it looked great. However, Smashwords warns that if you don’t follow their instructions on modifying the style in the .doc file, then bad formatting things can happen once the book is published on the various platforms (Kobo, PubIt, Sony ereader, etc). Am I safe in applying the straight compiled .doc from Scrivener to Smashwords, or do I need to follow Smashwords instructions to the letter? (I took a look at the forum posts using Smashwords a key word but didn’t find any answers. A Kindle Boards forum post indicated the writer did follow Smashwords style instructions on the .doc compiled file).