Can I change the background on imported PNGs?

I’ve got these skill trees I’m trying to import into my TTRPG Rules Project. I’ve made them to match my theme in Scrivener so it should be seemless. The problem once I import a PNG the background goes much brighter than anywhere else in the theme.

An example of what I mean:

Is there a way to change that specific background colour?

Probably, using Adobe Photoshop or other image editor which you can swap a colour for another colour, or do more sophisticated things which are above my paygrade.

The problem isn’t the PNG. The problem is Scrivener’s background colour.

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You could go to Appearance in the options panel and for the editor background color, use the pick screen color option and match it to the png background and make the objects appear to be seemless inside the editor and adjust the text to be visible in this situation. The question is whether you want your whole project to have that editor background color.

Using photoshop to strip the background would be difficult especially with the thin lines. Might be better to create on a transparent background in photoshop.

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Well, the Scrivener background colour is already set to the background colour in the PNG (the second screenshot shows that colour present in an ordinary document), that setting just doesn’t affect the background on imported PNGs (as you can see in the first screenshot).

The key aspect I’m looking for isn’t the seamless display of the PNG, but eliminating the brighter colour assaulting my retinas.

I meant the editor background in the first shot should be changed to match the background of the png file and just adjust the type to be easily visible, then the png will “float on the editor background”
first image on normal background

then matched editor background to the color of the png

Trick to watch if have highlight current line on, this can highlight the png file when first drag into project. hit enter and that effect goes away.

Yeah, I got that (I think, your phrasing is a little unclear). And what I’m saying is that the background is already set to match. Your first screenshot is of a PNG in a document, and that’s not what I’ve done. I go to File > Import > Files… Import the PNG and get that immutable bright background that ignores the background colour setting.

There is supposed to be a setting, Appearance: Main Editor: Colors: Media Background, that changes the entire background area for images and PDFs, including any area within the rectangle of the image that is transparent, or that would blend with partial transparency, so that it sits in a uniformly coloured area, rather than having a dark box in the middle of a bright flashlight around it. But it was never implemented.

Well damn, you just got my hopes up there.

Didn’t realize was a png with no background. You could use photoshop/ other editor to add background layer that matches current editor color then would “float” over background

That still wouldn’t fix the main problem though, where everything around the image rectangle itself is using this bright eggshell blue colour that can’t be changed. I suppose the only thing you can do to get “rid” of it is zoom all the way in on the image so you can’t see the padding Scrivener adds around it, but then it would be blurry.