Can I change the spelling word list?

I keep having to add basic words like ‘okay’, ‘Panadol,’ ‘basketballer’, ‘rottweiler’…

I get that it’s not going to be officially fixed and that there’s no Grammarly plugin, but is there a way I can download a list of spelling words online or something? I keep having to check Merriam Webster to make sure I’m not spelling things wrong and it’s really starting to annoy me.

I know I can just turn off the spellcheck feature but I have a language disorder and am sort of dependent on spellcheck to keep my work readable. I’m not a techie but if there’s some simple way to manually do a DIY spelling upgrade, I’ll try. Is there a simple fix? (That won’t make the program crash or make things worse. )

I like Scrivener for the organization but this is killing me and I’m only 8k into my story.

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Looking for a better HunSpell dictionary…


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In addition to @AntoniDol tips, see this thread for how to replace the default dictionary with a more robust one. (The thread is in regards to the v3 beta, but still applies to the production version of v3.)



I’m all in with you, zeedaye. I am writing a 10-book series based on a highly diverse civilization and have 2 or 3 hundred specialty spellings. I love Grammarly, even MS Editor because I can export and import lists. This has been a 6-year/ million + word project I wish I could stay in Scrivener to complete, but if I have to take hours to re-enter a dictionary one word at a time, I’m not getting the help I sought by purchasing it.