Can I Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Scapple-Specific Functions?

Maybe this is something that can already be accomplished and I’m ignorant of the process. There are certain Windows-innate keyboard shortcuts that exist within every software available for the operating system (i.e., Ctrl+C for Copy or Ctrl+V for Paste). There are keyboard shortcuts already specific to Scapple (i.e., Ctrl+Alt+. to connect notes with an arrow or Ctrl+Shift+. to step through increased font sizes).

What I’d like to do is create a keyboard shortcut for other functions that don’t already exist either within the operating system or the software. Specifically, I’d like to create keyboard shortcuts for the Align and Distribute features. Is that a thing?

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Yes I want to do this too - create a custom shortcut for a function not currently listed in the shortcut list but is in the menu (ie table) – and i dont see how its possible in windows version. haaaalp someone