Can I do a One Way Sync with Aeon?

What I want to do is use a novel I’ve written in Scrivener to make a single timeline in Aeon 2. The novel is one of a series, and the series touches on points in time hundreds of years apart, which is why I need a visual and detailed timeline. I want to suck the events and such from the whole series into this timeline, but I DO NOT want to sync info from Aeon back into Scrivener.

So is it possible to use the sync feature to only pull info into a Aeon 2 file (From multiple projects, since I have one Scriv file for each novel), then organize the events and characters into arc and such utilizing all of the cool features in Aeon, but NOT sync that stuff with the metadata back into my Scriv files?

I thought I would create the basic timeline using the 1st novel, then hope to add timeline info from others in the series. Even if I have to make future changes manually to Aeon when I change a date in Scrivener, that would be fine, I just don’t want to import meta data and such into my Scriv files.

Will this work? Any ideas for one way syncing?