Can I do a Synopsis Outline compile with numbers?

By default, I get bullet points. If possible, I’d like numbers. I’ve poked around in the various settings in the compile dialog and can’t see a way to do it.

Is there a way?

I’d suggest you to select the Non-Fiction with Sub-Heads (Hierarchical) preset format and start from there.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Thing is, it’s already an existing project that I was trying to accomplish the subject heading question with at the Compile stage.

The preset will work with an existing project too and is to be used at Compile stage. You can tweak the settings if it does not match you desired output.

Sorry, I think I’m confused.

Do you mean the preset in the COMPILE dialog, or the preset that’s presented at the NEW PROJECT dialog?

The one in the Compile dialog is called Non-Fiction Manuscript Format. I’ve fiddled around with that one and still can’t find a way to make the Synopsis points numbered rather than bullets.

Sorry, I think I misunderstood your need.

If you want the outline printed with a correctly indented and numbered schema then the Compile preset to go for is “Enumerated outline”.

If you not only want the titles printed but the Synopsis text too, select all of them in the “Synopsis” column in Formatting tab.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks for your persistence.

I happened across that choice, but it only gives the Title for each index card. It doesn’t give the Synopsis written on the card.

I’m not sure what I want is possible straight out of the Scriv. It’s not that big a deal - I can port it into Word and do it there.

I just edited my previous post adding what you have to do to get that output :wink:


Many, many thanks for all the help!

I’m glad we got out of that endless loop :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Here is what I think you want:

  1. compile your current project. any project.
  2. Format as (the dropdown above the pane) Non-Fiction with SubHeads (Hierarchical)
  3. In the Formatting pane, select the titles of everything - no text

This should give you an outline of all your folders and text documents by title, without any of the actual text contents.

Hope this helps.

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