Can I have two novels in Scrivener at the same time? I'm new

Hi all. I started a novel in Scrivener but couldn’t get into the story because an old first draft from years ago of a different novel keeps inturrupting my thoughts. So I’ve decided to switch to the old first draft.
Can I have two novels in Scrivener at the same time or do I need to remove the one that’s in there, first?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You could put the entire Wheel of Time series into a single project if you really wanted to. :slight_smile: There are no rules about this, but a very simple way of going about this kind of thing would be to select the entirety of your Draft folder and use the Documents ▸ New Folder from Selection menu command. That will pack everything into a folder which you can rename as “Draft, Interrupted” or whatever.

Drag that somewhere else, like below the Research folder. Now import or move your old work into the Draft folder. The “Draft, Interrupted” folder and its contents will be right there for your reference, just like any background material or world-building notes would be.


Hi Amber.
Thanks for that. Will that keep all the notes and back-ups I have in there?

Absolutely can. When I work I normally have 3-4 scriv projects open at once and with 3 monitors can have fully expanded in 3 of them. As Amber said you can have a folder for one book and another folder for active book. However may be better to have old book in a folder in research folder so easy to tell apart. Also can use label colors in the binder and pick a color like pink to show old book and visually separate from new book

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Yes, you’re essentially only moving these items to a different spot in the binder. You will lose nothing by doing so, save for the fact that when you compile, since they aren’t in the Draft folder, they won’t be included in the output (and if you really wanted that, you could just drag them back into the Draft folder temporarily).

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Hi GoalieDad.
That’s a lot of projects and monitors. I’m new to Scrivener and a slow learner. Thanks for your answer, you put my mind at ease. I kept thinking I had to be careful not to overload Scrivener.

Thanks, Amber. I’m new to Scrivener and have a lot to learn. Thanks for helping. Now I know what I need to learn so I can do as you and GoalieDad have said. Much appreciated.

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But, just to be newbie-clear, you don’t have to to keep both novels within the same Scrivener Project. You can set up as many separate Scrivener Projects as you want.

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Oh, Lews Therin, no!

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Yeah, on second thought, that might be a bridge too far.

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Don’t worry, I won’t try adding that much into Scrivener. :rofl:

Hi gr. Thanks for that. Being a newbie, I would love to find a video to follow step by step. I’m dyslexic so can get confused trying to follow what’s written.

Pencil found so have edited my post above.

Amber, I just tried what you suggested, but “New Folder from Selection” is grayed out. Am I doing something wrong? How do I select all the draft folder? Or is it because I’m using Scrivener 3 for Windows?

Click on the first file or folder of your book. Then scroll down the very last one and SHIFT-click it. That should highlight all of the intermediate files & folders of the book. Now use the New Folder from Selection menu, which will move the selected folders/documents into a new folder, which you can name for the book’s (working?) title.

I just want to reiterate what others have said though; if you’re not working on another book in the same series, you should just start a new project for the other book.

With both projects open, you can drag files and folders from the binder of one into the binder of the other to copy documents into the new project. There’s no reason to keep unrelated works in the same project. In fact, that could just make working on them more complicated.

If you’re prone to ideas getting in the way of your current work, and need to at least jot the ideas to get them out of your head, you might consider an “Ideas” project.


Just to add my 2 cents, I put all zero drafts in one project. All second drafts in a second project. And for everything after that, the book stands on its own and moves into its own project. I also have a separate project just to keep ideas in and yet another project just as a writing journal. The great thing about Scrivener is its flexibility.

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You can do that yourself. Hit the Pencil icon in the post footer menu. (Edited. Twice. Again)

Hi. Thanks. I didn’t see that. Now I know. Much appreciated.

He Rdale.
Thank you for showing me how to select all the folders with shift. It’s now done.

Hi mdmullins. Thanks for the great ideas.

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