Can I help in translating Scrivener in French?

Hello there,

I was wondering if it was possible to have the language files because the translation is a bit funky at times and it’s bugging me. For the most part, it’s good though but sometimes it feels like bad automated stuff :thinking:


You mean the menus ?

Yes, I mean the whole UI.
There are some typos too.

I’m not joking, take this as a sample:

Should be:

Mots :
Caractères :
Caractères (sans espace) :
Paragraphes :
Phrases :
Longueur moyenne des paragraphes :
Longueur moyenne des phrases :
Temps de lecture :


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It translated “characters” as in “Movie character” to “Personnages”
And “Sentences” as if it was a jail sentence.

I don’t think that’s LL doing that though. But yes, it sure could use a good tweaking.

P.S. La durée moyenne de mes peines est généralement de “Plutôt longue et chiante” à “M’en fous”. (Rien que du Francis Cabrel en boucle ne peut arranger.)


Same thing happens in Spanish, unfortunately :sweat:
A while ago, I offered myself to help translate the program (for free, since I would love to have a well-translated Scrivener as well), but they told me they already had enough people to do so and didn’t need any more help. Seeing how the translations ended up, I don’t know what to think…


I also offered to translate the Scrivener interface into Spanish a long time ago because it contains funny errors, like in French.

There seems to be no interest in offering a quality program in a language other than English. This is something common in programs conceived by English speakers. I have participated in the translation of many programs and always native English-speaking developers tend to show disdain for the poor image of their translations. And, when that does not happen, the native translators themselves commit bad translations or anglicisms out of laziness.

I think the translations into other languages will be fixed by the time a Linux version is released…

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