can i highlight or annotate imported documents

I drag pfd documents directly into scrivener. Is there a way I can highlight text or mark certain parts of the pdf. For example, can I click on a spot and add a note? Thanks! :open_mouth:

Use “Open in external editor”. You can do this in three ways:
(1) through the menu Documents → Open → in external editor
(2) using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Cmd-O
(3) clicking the icon at the base of the PDf that looks like an “A” made with a ruler, a pencil and a paintbrush (press and hold if you want to choose what the PDF opens in).

Although a 3rd party app (most likely Apple’s excellent Preview) will do the editing, the annotations will be visible if they use standard PDF methods (Skim, for example, doesn’t so I don’t think annotations made using it will show in Scrivener).

Though PDFPen isn’t my favorite app when it comes to syncing with it’s iPad version, the notes made in it do carry over to Scrivener just fine.

It’s worth noting you can highlight text in Scrivener without an external editor, using the normal Shift-Cmd-H (Format/Highlight/Highlight Text). It’s just one colour though. For adding notes you do need external software.