Can I install Scrivener on Windows Server 2016 or 2019

New in the forum :smiley:. Greetings from sunny Copenhagen.
Hope somebody can help with the following:

  1. Can I install Scrivener on Windows Server 2016 or 2019?
  2. Does anyone have experience with Windows Server installations?
  3. Does the license allow for Server installations (single user to begin with)?

Scrivener for Windows license agreement is here: … indows.pdf

Institutional license here: … tution.pdf

I can’t speak for the sales team, but I would think we would become concerned if the installation were used to support users or devices that would not otherwise be authorized. That is, running a server for your own personal convenience is one thing, using it to support an entire writing group is quite another.

Licensing issues aside, what specifically are you trying to do? Scrivener is not designed to run over a network, and I would expect there to be some severe performance issues relative to running it from a local machine.


If the server is in some kind of production environment and you’re installing Scrivener for personal, local use I believe the sysadmin would have a word with you about attack surface area and security concerns. If you’re running Windows Server for personal use in your own home my main question is “Why?” For a day-to-day daily driver OS one of the desktop releases is a much better choice for a list of reasons so long it’s not worth getting into and if you’re doing some kind of home networking it’s such overkill it’s like using a hand grenade to kill an ant.

Thanks for the replies.
Here is where I come from:
I used to maintain a home desktop PC that I would connect to via my laptop using Remote Desktop. Now, both my laptop and my desktop computers are ready for retirement.
I frequently travel very light weight and I have access to office space with monitors and keyboards in many locations. I plan to get a Samsung S10+ phone with a DEX dock to connect with a monitor and a keyboard.
Except Scrivener and few other software programs, most of my software subscriptions are SaaS and available via a browser. To use Scrivener I thought about getting a hosted Windows desktop running Windows Server in the cloud and install Scrivener and other software there for remote access.
I believe hosted Windows desktops are secure and I have reliable internet access almost everywhere I go.
Finally, I am the only one who would be using Scrivener as has been the case on my desktop PC.
So this I why I asked about installing Scrivener on a Windows Server.
Anyway, I am working to be able to get all my work done with a Samsung Phone and a small DEX docking station.
I hope the above makes sense would be interested in getting suggestions and comments on my setup.

FWIW, if it were me I’d get an iPad and run iOS Scrivener.

I’d recommend testing thoroughly before retiring your PC.

A configuration like this is completely unsupported and entirely at your own risk. But no, it doesn’t appear to violate our license.


If I decide to go ahead I could post a brief report.