Can I Open a Folder with Its Files in Quick Reference?

I’m a bit stuck and could use some help. I know how to open individual files using Quick Reference in Scrivener, but I was wondering if there’s a way to open an entire folder and view all the files it contains using Quick Reference.

Is this possible, and if so, how can I do it?

If not, is it something worth considering the Wishlist?

Do you mean something like a corkbord in a window? If so then no, there is no way of doing that. Quick Reference was designed to be a simple text editor/viewer that could be popped out of the project window so that you could more than two things at once (and four things now, with Copyholders offering the same idea but in the project window).

It’s not worth putting on the wish list, because I don’t foresee that ever changing. If things were to go in that direction, it would be less about making QR windows more complicated, and more about an effort to make it possible for multiple project windows to exist at once. Why gradually dribble a little more here and there into something meant to be simple, in other words, when what you’re really driving for is the whole thing shown more than once.

To be clear though, that’s not something that will happen any time soon, I’m just saying what would be more likely, in a pool of things both very unlikely. :slight_smile: There is a lot of complexity that must exist between one window working with data, and two windows, to the point that it would probably require making the project window all over. So at that point you have to ask whether its really worth it to spend time on that when the project window itself is designed to expansive and flexible internal navigation.


If what I mean is what you mean … or something :slightly_smiling_face:

With the mac: Select the folder, ⌘⌥+a, space

You probably don’t mean this.

Of course. It’s something that, for many years, I didn’t feel the need for. At the moment, I just wanted to know how many words I had in a subchapter, a subfolder with files. I have the main chapter locked in place and the other split window with the outliner. I’m not usually this busy!

Oh for that, try Project ▸ Statistics.... The second tab in there will count up what you have selected in the binder. Just make sure to check Options, and tick the setting to count subdocuments of what you have selected.