Can I read a Kindle book on my Mac in PDF?

Living in Colombia usually means waiting a month (or even more!) for hardcopy books to be delivered from outside the country (e.g. Amazon US)

There’s a book on Organisational Development which is exactly the text I need to work with in the next couple of days. I see it’s available at a very good price as a Kindle book from Amazon. However, I see on their website that Kindle for Mac (allowing you to read e-books without a dedicated Kindle Reader) is ‘coming soon’ and not available yet.

My question is: if I order the book and download it via Amazon Whispernet, will I be able to read it at all using PDF? I see on Wikipedia that Kindle is PDF compatible so theoretically it should be possible, but I have had no experience yet with e-books, so thought I’d ask you guys first, before sending my hard-earned cash off into cyberspace. I’m on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.

Any other suggestions for getting hold of this text quickly in any format would also be very welcome


The kendle format is not a pdf, but the kendle device will read pdf files.

That said, there is not real official way to conver a kendle format book to pdf. Google may be able to help you with that though. Hint hint.

If you happen to have an iPod Touch or iPhone there’s a free Kindle reader available for them.

Or if you have access to a PC, Amazon has a Windows app for reading Kindle books.

Kindle for Windows