Can I restrict the scope of search & replace?

I want to change the name of a character (say John --> Dave) in the manuscript section of my project, without changing any ‘Johns’ that happen to be named in my research folder. Is there a way to restrict the scope of search & replace to enable this?

Yep. Load your manuscript in the editor in Scrivenings mode (just click the Draft folder in the binder and then choose View > Scrivenings) and use the regular Find/Replace (Edit > Find > Find or Ctrl+F) rather than the Project Replace, with the scope as “Entire Document”.

Keep in mind though that if you have a lengthy draft, this might take a bit of time to load. There’ve been a lot of performance improvements with Scrivenings load time in the upcoming 1.1 release, but you may get a moment of freezing while you wait for your entire Draft to load in the current version. It should come round and let you carry on working; you’ll just need to be patient while it chugs. :slight_smile:

Actually, better than this, unless you know the name is in every document anyway, would be to use the project search first to pull together the documents containing the name, limited to the Draft folder by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the search bar and choosing “Search Draft only” at the bottom. Then select all the documents returned for search results and load those as a Scrivenings session and then run the standard Find/Replace as above. If the search term is only in some of the Draft documents, this will give you a smaller session to load while still ensuring you don’t miss any replacements.

A third option, if you do end up with the search results returning nearly the entire draft anyway and it takes a long time to load, is to just work in chunks, e.g. select the first half of the draft documents in the binder and run the find/replace, then select the second half.