Can I revert to Scrivener 2?

I am a professional writer and spend 6 - 9 hours writing every day of the year, I understood Scrivener 2 really well. Now, in Scrivener 3, I can’t find anything. It took me weeks to figure out how to get rid of the annoying Keywords & Metadata in the right column and get my Synopsis and Notes back - and remember I write every day. It shouldn’t have taken me that long! And now… I want to look at two different drafts of my novel in a split screen. I’ve searched the tool bar and all the folders and can’t find a way to use the split screen (does Scrivener 3 even have that feature?).

Please help! I also can’t find this so-called “Tutorial” either. I LOVE Scrivener and have written several blog posts telling writers how great it is. I don’t think I can recommend vs 3. How sad. I guess I’m going to have to go back to Word. However, I do resent paying $45 for vs 3 when I can’t use it.

You should keep in mind that major revisions to software are CONFUSING to your consumer.

Interactive Tutorial: available from the Help menu. Look for the What’s New Collection.

Manual: also available from the Help menu. Appendix E discusses changes from Scrivener 2.

Upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users:

There’s also quite a bit of information in the L&L blog, here:

Split Screen: Same as in Scrivener 2. View -> Editor Layout, or click the button in the upper right corner of the Editor pane.

Also, as a Scrivener 2 user, you would have been entitled to an upgrade discount. Send a copy of your receipt to the Sales address for assistance:

To revert to Scrivener 2, just download and install. You’ll want to use the File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project command in Scrivener 3 to revert your projects to the older format.


You should keep in mind that major revisions to software are CONFUSING to your consumer

I earn my living from writing and am finding S3 considerably easier to use and get to know than I ever did of S2.

As for confusing, surely all one needs to do is assume no previous knowledge of the software and start from scratch, reading the manual, viewing the videos, etc. Since one does have previous knowledge it is simply a matter of skipping whatever is obvious and concentrating on learning the differences. And asking for help on these forums if stuck. As for the cost, £45 is in my view exceptionally good value for money ,regardless of any upgrade discount.

The answer to the original question is Yes.

In fact, if you’ve updated 2.x to to 2.9, you can easily switch between it and 3.x. Double-click on the version you want to use, wait for it to talk to the license manager (if switching) and you’re good to go, The license manager will not allow ou to have both versions open at the same time on the same machine.

Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean I’m doing it. 3 only for me.