Can I safely Upgrade from Monterey?

Hi. Longtime Scrivener user here, and I was hoping to tap the hive mind about possibly upgrading my MacOS to a new system, and literally my first and usually only question when going to upgrade my Mac system is: will Scrivener run on it? Everything else is just frosting.

I currently have a 2020 Macbook running Monterey 12.6 (M1 8GB), and I’m using Scrivener 3, and it’s running smoothly. I backup and sync my projects to the hard drive and Dropbox and have had no issues for a long time.

I’ve lately been thinking of upgrading to a newer MacOS system, but as ever, I want to be cautious because of all the issues I see when a new system comes out. So I often wait until there’s an even newer upgrade and take the second tier one.

So, could I safely upgrade to Ventura or Sonoma without a negative impact on my Scrivener?


I’ve been running Scrivener on a 2020 M1 8GB MBA with successively Monterey, Ventura and currently Sonoma 14.3.1 without issues. Just make sure you have (a)
the latest version of Scrivener, and (b) a complete system back-up on a bootable external drive just in case.

Oh, and check that any of your other apps that you use regularly are up to date too.

Good luck,


I run a 2020 M1 MBA, 8GB, 256GB with Sonoma 14.2.1, and Scrivener 3 runs sweet as…