Can I use a discount code for the IOS version?

Hi all, I’m new here (and to forums in general) so please be kind!

I love the Mac version of Scrivener to death, but I’m going on a camping trip for the next month where I definitely don’t want to risk my laptop. And there’s no way I’m going a month without writing…

I have an iPad I have to bring though for work stuff so I’m trying to download the IOS version of Scrivener-- however, I’d like to use my Nanowrimo winners coupon code to buy it to offset the cost by 50% but as far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use it on the App Store. Does anybody know if I’m wrong about this and if so, how do you get around it to get the discount?

Thanks in advance!

The iOS version is sold exclusively by Apple on the App Store. If no place to fill in the discount code, then I guess not possible. Up to Apple, I guess.

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As mentioned by @rms, the discount only applies to the Windows and macOS desktop versions of Scrivener.

You could use the File → Sync with External Folder feature offered by Scrivener to make your files available in an open format on your iPad and edit them using another app.

Scrivener for iOS / iPadOS is a pared-down version of the desktop app and offers limited functionality and syncing options. Using external sync and an alternative app works perfectly well in my experience.

Not that limited, says someone who uses it very regularly :grinning:


If @madds12 has an eye on budget, using external-folder sync and an app they already own (or can get free) might help to keep them writing. They don’t need Scrivener for iOS to work on a Scrivener project on an iPad.

And they may or may not know that Scrivener for iOS is not a fully functional cross-platform app, unlike many other apps. Just trying to help them. Given them options. We all are.

I don’t disagree with anything you are saying, and if the OP is focused on budget, then you are right. My point though was that I have used Scrivener on iPad and Windows to work on a doctoral thesis and a book, as well as many essays, in a way that seems (to me at least) almost seamless. I am not sure, from this starting point what might make it “not a fully functional cross-platform app”.

Certainly the screen size makes a difference. My preference is to do the primary writing on a PC with a big screen and do re-reading, editing, and rethinking on the iPad. Having said that I have kept my blog up to date for several weeks using Scrivener on the iPad, writing, editing and uploading.

Buying Scrivener for the iPad is certainly not as cheap as not buying it. It might prove more useful though.


Thanks, @OwenKelly

Absolutely. I also don’t disagree with anything you’re saying. Scrivener for macOS and iOS are both fine apps (I have no experience of Windows). I used to use Scrivener for iOS, but I don’t now.

And, for sure, a writer can use Scrivener for iOS to write whatever they want, just as they can use any app or medium that suits their needs—I know a writer who uses emails only; one for each chapter.

My points to the OP were that:

  1. they have options open to them if they can’t afford iOS Scrivener;

  2. unlike a lot of apps today that are almost identical across OS platforms, Scrivener for iOS—although very capable—doesn’t have the same feature set as Scrivener for macOS. Just letting the OP know this fact as they might be making assumptions based on the depth of inter-OS functionality that most apps have these days (Scrivener for iOS hasn’t been updated since December 2019, which may or may not account for or contribute to how far it is ‘behind’ other apps that do have feature parity pretty much sorted out across OS platforms);

  3. for cloud syncing, Scrivener for iOS is restricted to Dropbox. If the OP is on a work device, that might be an insurmountable obstacle; whereas if work is supplying an Apple device, the likelihood is that iCloud is enabled and can be used to sync content using the external-folder method originally mentioned. Credit to Scrivener for making that tool available for many, many years

Think we share the same ground here. Scrivener for iOS is a fine app—albeit one with feature disparity and a single restricted cloud-syncing option—that suits lots of people. There are also many other apps that suit other people. Just trying to give the OP a sense of the options available. For certain, Scrivener for iOS might be perfect for their needs.

Just finally got a chance to check out responses and it looks like there isn’t a way, dang. It’s fine though I’ll just save my code for later. The iPad is a personal device, I just do my university/work stuff on there because it’s easier than lugging around a million tools for drafting while hiking, so I can install whatever i want or need on there.

I’m not sure whether I’ll purchase the IOS Scrivener at full price or not (if my scholarship money for this trip comes in in time, then maybe) or if I’ll go with the alternates you suggested. I’m not super familiar with Dropbox so maybe I’ll see if I can compile my current Scrivener files and just stick them in Google Docs for offline use, since I won’t have internet the whole time I’m out. It really sucks that IOS Scrivener hasn’t been updated in so long and isn’t as detailed as the Mac version like I’d hoped, but maybe that’ll work out for the best.

Thanks for all the info everybody!!!

Just keep in mind Apple did not design iOS to be as full featured as the macOS which is a “real computer”. I think the folks at Literature & Latte did a tremendous job designing and implementing a fantastic tool for authors to use an iOS device along with their MacOS and Windows machine (if they need the added features). Frankly, it is amazing that they did it. There is not real update needed or even required until such time as iOS devices get to be “real computers” (if that ever happens).

Oh no I don’t blame L&L or anything, sorry if it came across like that!

I’ll have to hunt around for some videos and tutorials to see how different it is from the Mac version like the other commenters implied, but I love the Mac version so much I’m amazed they managed to replicate anything like it on iOS because my friend who is obsessed with computers (I can barely turn one on on a good day) rants about it constantly. It’s a great program and it’s understandable that there’s limitations beyond their control. It might not fit what I’m looking for at the moment for this trip, but still kudos to them!!!

The compile function on iOS is extremely stripped down and basic. This is major.

Another is that iOS does not support keywords or custom meta-data or collections. And iOS doesn’t have the desktop version’s automatic backup capabilities.


Also, you can download the IOS Scrivener Tutorial as a Scriv project here: User Manuals | Literature & Latte

Walking through that should give you some idea of differences.

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That’s my concern as well. The app was last updated two years ago to be compatible with iOS 13.

Now it’s two years later, we’re on iOS 15, and L&L wants a premium price for a product that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

That concerns me a lot.