Can I use a symbol to mark footnotes? No answers?

I have Scriv./Windows. My fictional work is heavy with biblical and literary references. I want to use footnotes or endnotes, but don’t want numbers in the text.

I compile to Word where symbols can be used to mark footnotes. I have in mind an empty square symbol. The footnote would begin with a quote of the material being referenced, followed by the note.

Is there a way to use symbols when composing in Scriv.?

Is there no answer to this question?

I was reluctant to answer, not having much experience with footnotes, but I’m going to say that the answer is, “no.” Inside scrivener, you usually highlight words or phrases and create footnotes anchored to that word or phrase. At compile time, Scrivener adds a super-scripted number to the word/phrase in the output document, and then internally records the number, which will appear in the inspector (assuming your using inspector footnotes, not inline footnotes), so that you can easily match up the numbers from the project to the compiled output.

You can change how footnotes are created, so that in Scrivener, it anchors footnotes to *s or another symbol, but at compile time, the * goes away and the superscripted number replaces it.

Maybe you can replace the numbers once you open it in Word through some kind of search-and-replace (this is way outside my experience, sorry)?

Another option might be inspector comments. Maybe those can be displayed in your final output in a way that better suits you? In word, they’re like little sticky notes. You could anchor those comments to any character you can enter in Scrivener.

As noted, Scrivener doesn’t work in terms of marker symbols or numbers, while you are writing. Footnotes are added either as marked up text (inline) or as linked notes you click on to read (or vice versa, click on the note to jump to where it is referenced).

Once you compile, you can easily change the numbering/symbol scheme in Word.