Can no longer upload my Scrivener file to iCloud

Monthly I sign into my iCloud account, and manually upload a copy of my novel file to ensure I have an off site back up. Today for the first time instead of just uploading the file, when I choose it on my Mac finder window, a NEW finder window opens that appears to divide my Scrivener document into multiple parts, and when I upload the one that appears to be my core file (but it has a new weird yellow icon next to it) what uploads is only part of my file and that part is not able to be opened or used later. When I try to download and open it back up, I get an error message that says: “SANGER.scrivx” is the main structure file for a project, but other required files for this project could not be found: the /Files/Data and /Settings folders are missing. -----I’ve attached a screen shot of the new finder window I’m getting that shows the file broken into parts. Any ideas what is going on?? I have never had a problem with this process before.

Yes, as you can see at the top of the window you are looking inside your Scrivener project. You have right-clicked and open edthe package instead of handling it the normal way. All Scrivener projects are packages, i.e. folders with files and sub-folders which Finder usually shows like files.

Close the window and look in your normal Finder window

By the way, a good tool for making backups that is relatively difficult to mess up with, is the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… menu command from within Scrivener. Just run that at the end of the day before closing your project, and target whatever external media or Internet service you’d like to upload to. I’d suggest keeping the zip compression option enabled. It will greatly reduce transfer time, and it will also ensure you don’t end up with potentially confusing stuff like this screenshot, when viewing the project in third-party tools like websites.

Zipped backups need to be unzipped before they can be opened in Scrivener, providing another layer of protection (in this case, from yourself, in accidentally opening the backup and working on it instead of the WIP).

Thanks for the ideas, but I figured out right-clicking was not the problem. My browser was. I was using Firefox for the first time instead of Google or Safari as my browser. When I tried it with Google, it worked normally. Must be something in the code for how the browser interprets the “Enter” or “OK” button in this process. Normally selecting the main file and clicking OK or ENTER starts the upload. In Firefox, it “opened” the document and created this problem.

Were you accessing your iCloud Drive from a web browser? That is usually a bad idea. Why not simply use the iCloud Drive in Finder?

Thanks! I’m chagrined, I didn’t know I could do that. But I see it now.