Can one open the same project in two windows / instances?

Hi…I’d recommend checking the box at File > Options > Behaviors > Folders & Files > Treat all documents with subdocuments as Folders.

With that box checked, any doc with subdocuments will default to a group view.

Cheers - Jerome

Hi Biff,

I can see in your screenshot that the Editor Pane is unlocked, because the header is blue. If you Lock in Place the editor pane with the Outliner, then the header will become red and Binder selections won’t open documents.

Perhaps an example would help.

Here are the steps for setting up a flexible layout you could use for reorganizing your project structure:

  1. Display the Binder, if not already displayed. View > Layout > Binder
  2. Display two vertical editors, if not already displayed. View > Layout > Split Vertically
  3. Set Binder Affects to left editor. View > Binder Affects > Left
  4. Select the folder in the Binder that contains the items you want to move.
  5. Click the header of the left Editor. The Header should turn blue.
  6. Click the Outliner Icon in the Main Toolbar. The folder that you selected in the Binder should now be displayed in the left Outliner, if it wasn’t already.
  7. Lock the left Outliner in place. View > Editor > Lock in Place. The left Outliner Header should turn red.
  8. Set Binder Affects to point to the right editor. View > Binder Affects > Right
  9. Enable the “Automatically open selection in other editor pane” button in the left Outliner footer, if it wasn’t already.

(That may seem like a lot of steps, but it probably took me only 20 seconds to actually set up in Scrivener.)

Here’s what it should look like when you’re done setting it up:

The idea is that you now have 3 areas to utilize in a project reorganization.

Use the Binder and the left Outliner to move items around.

In the right Editor you can view documents from either the Binder or the left Outliner, in case you want to confirm their contents.

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you, but sorry, I cannot find such an option here. Edit: I guess, it here is “Treat all…”:

Hello Jim!

Yes, it then will not open anything

Yes, it is not locked, when I lock it nothing will be opened anymore. But I want to open docs / folders to move them.

Actually I would not think so, all I could show is the editor being locked:

The folder or the document, I assume.

Like this:

What for is that needful? When you click into the right editor it will be used. Or is it to just to show the content of the item in the left editor? Ah I see (your statement below), you move the items between the Binder and the left editor instead of between the editors.

Sorry, I could not find that but it works without it like it seems to. Edit: I see (your statement below), to just show the content of the item in the left editor.

Yes, indeed. Especially if you just want to move / “copy” just like that some items.

Thank you very much for the insctruction.

Yes, very helpful, many thanks!

That would be great! Where / how can I open a new window? And I cannot even find “Open Project”.

That’s also a quick way of corrupting a project, editing different copies simultaneously. :smiley:

Oops, why does that corrupt projects?

Because Scrivener isn’t designed to handle simultaneous editing of the same document.

Very strange, why then does it offer it at all (if it really does)?

It doesn’t.

A bit irritating, alright.

Thank you so much.[size=1]gclubbig[/size]I have the same question as yours.

Absolutely no reason to say thank you, I have to say thank you for aking the same question.

For me this would be very helpful to launch two instances of Scrivener. For example if you are comparing things like Compile settings between two projects. You cannot launch Compile from two projects at the same time.