Can one open the same project in two windows / instances?

Can one open the same project in two windows / instances?

Hi Biff,

Using current Win Scriv v1.9, no. You are limited to 1 instance of 2 split editor windows or composition/distraction-free mode.

Using Scriv Beta, you are are still limited to 1 instance, but using copyholders you can have 4 split editors going, and launch many individual quick reference windows.


Hello Jim!

Yes, it is very cirumstancial to restruct the structure of a book or simply to move some folders / docs with having only one instance. Or might I be missing a sensful method?

I am not sure, does that sound better? What are quick reference windows?

Many thanks!

Hi Biff,

Quick Reference windows are a new v3 feature that is available in the beta. It’s a way to view documents in stand-alone editing windows. See section 12.6 in the Mac manual for a detailed explanation.

See section 8.1.5 of Mac manual for explanation of Copyholders. Also, this blog post:

But to utilize those features, you’d need to move to the Windows beta. It’s a beta, so there will be bugs.Some thoughts about switching over to the beta: [url]]


Hello Jim,

Many thanks for the links and chapters and explanations.

Some stand-alone editors (staying open all the time) sounds very good, useful.

I’m curious.

Many thanks again, Jim!

What specifically are you trying to do? Even without the beta, you can have three different views of the overall structure: the Binder, plus Outline (or Corkboard) views in both Editor panes. And if you can’t see both the origin and destination folders at the same time to drag and drop, you can use the Move menu commands.


Simply moving / copying folders / docs. Alone simply moving a single folder from the top of the binder to its botton is circumstancial, I would think. What is the best way to do it?


I would think it cannot be more cirumstantial than using these. It just is unusable for me. You have to move the folders one by one or more than one together?

Select everything you want to move in the Binder. Then locate the destination on the Move → To menu.

Alternatively, open the Outline view so that it shows the files you want. Select them. Scroll (but don’t click) the Binder so that the destination is visible. Drag and drop from the Outline to the Binder.

You might also have a look at the Tutorial, available from the Help menu, for more tips about ways to reorganize your project.


Well, well, this is really circumstancial anyway, I would think. When I wanted to restructure (not only moving folders / docs to another / a same place / mirror them) one each time had to go through the menus again and again, it just does not seem to make sense. Besides of it there does not seem to be a copy option. There does not seem to be a useful method at all to handle the folders / docs like one can handle files / folders in a common file manager.

And I hate having to go through cascading context menus all the time, it cannot be more laborious, I would think, like to get to the favorites item in the menu each time after restarting Scrivener to open the favorite window again (instead of being opened on start up automatically again / how one has left Scrivener).

Yes, very unhandy, too. It simply is not suitable to conveniently transferring docs, folders. Always clicking on the outliner icon each time after I click an item in the binder to reactivate (my be there is an option to avoid that) it and…so many circumstances using that way. Why not simply allow two instances, two binders or…?

Yes, but they do not help avoiding the circumstancial moving / copying options, as far as I can see.

Many thanks!

That’s because it isn’t a file manager. Scrivener is built to handle long-form writing, like novels, and although it does happen that you decide to completely restructure your text, it’s not something you would do very often. And for normal, less drastic restructuring, normal drag-drop works without problems.

You still haven’t explained exactly what it is you want to do, and why.

Actually I would not think so.

Well, well, yes, yes, but why should this exclude senseful transfer options, a “built to handle long-form writing” which obviously does it in a special manner / structure that makes special copying / moving options (like they are available in a file manager) needful / senseful.

I thought I did, I am afraid I am not able to explain in more exactly, sorry.

Hi Biff,

I’ve found Scrivener’s restructuring tools to be sufficient, but perhaps my needs are more modest than yours.

For moving binder items around to nearby locations, I prefer using keyboard shortcuts. In the Binder or Outliner, select the item to be moved, then hold down Ctrl and use the arrow keys to move it up, down, left, or right. This also works with multiple adjacent items.

For moving things longer distances, then I’ll drag and drop from Binder to Outliner or from Outliner to Outliner. Be sure to lock the Outliner(s), to keep the view static. View > Editor > Lock in Place or Ctrl+Shift+L. For example, if I wanted to move items from the top of the structure to the very bottom, to make that easier perhaps I 'd put the Outliners side by side, expand the left side, collapse the right side, and them move the items from the top left to the bottom right.

You mentioned lack of a Copy Document option. What you’re looking for is Duplicate, I think. Select the document(s), then right-click and select Duplicate, or select it via Documents > Duplicate. Then drag & drop them where you want them.

Hopefully you find that useful, and do let me know if you have any other questions. If you have a specific binder restructure in mind, a screenshot would be helpful, as the best method is sometimes dependent on the binder structure.


Hello Jim!

Yes, that is easy. Or drag & drop. How could I copy items (without using the context menu / “Duplicate”)?

Yes, that is a good mannger. Each time I click documents in the binder (containing documents) the “Outliner” switches to document view, how could I avoid that?

Yes, lack of document and folder option. Yes, using the duplicate option is possible but quite circumstancial, I would think, causing a renaming of the copy I do not want actually. First mark it, click the item in the contect menu, drag and drop it instead of simply dragging & dropping the item.

Yes, very useful, thank you. I assume, the best way to use the possibilities of transferring items here…but still…not the way like it could be…No, I am not aware of using a special binder structure I would (like to) use for transferring.

Thank you very much!

The easiest thing to do is to drag from the outliner into the binder. That will solve the issue of clicking on a document and having your editor view change. Or if you have the outliner loaded into two editors, you can drag from one outliner to another outliner view.

Alternately, you can lock the editor (right-click on the icon in the editor’s header, then choose the lock option), but that may still cause the outliner to scroll when you click in the binder. If you happen to have a split editor, you can also change which editor the binder selection affects (Navigate->Binder Selection Affects menu).

Thank you .

Do you mean a left click? So locking it like Bill said by pressing CRL+SHIFT+L?

Sorry, where is Navigate?


Rdale must be on Mac or Win Beta. On Win 1.9, use View->Binder Selection Affects menu.


Hi Biff,

There is no way in Win Scriv to copy documents without using Duplicate, at least none that I’m aware of. :cry: Although, if you right-click on a folder that contains documents, and then select Duplicate from the right-click context menu, the duplicated folder is renamed but the duplicated documents it contains are not. Depending on your binder structure and what you are trying to accomplish, this may lead to a more efficient way to get it done.

As I mentioned in my prior reply (and Rdale too), to keep the Outliner view static, you should lock it. The command is Lock In Place. Select a document within the Outliner and then Lock in Place by View > Editor > Lock in Place or Ctrl+Shift+L. Or as Rdale mentioned, click on the icon in the editor’s header and select Lock in Place. You’ll know the Outliner is locked because the header will turn from blue to red. :slight_smile:


Alright, no method to copy items (besides of doing it by “Duplicate”).

Yes, I did understand that, very sorry, but it does not what I wanted, that does not work for me, when the Outliner is locked I cannot open folders / items in the editor(s), so this is not usable. I just want to keep the outline view and when I click items in the Binder I want them to be opened (their content, other folders / documents be shown) in that outline view.

And although I have unlocked the view of the left editor it keeps being locked, don’t know why. The right editor works.

Yes, yes, I noticed that. In this state of the editor I cannot open other items when I click them in the Binder. So I want the outline view keep static AND simply open folders / documents in it (to move them without letting the editor(s) switch to the document view). But I assume that is not possible. So I will try to just use it like it is.

Alright, so this is / these are the best way(s) to move items. It actually is like I did it before, very good to know there is no better way (so to say).

Many thans for your great help!

Make sure that View > Binder Affects is not set to “Right Editor”, as that would cause what you’re describing.

Hi Biff, I’m not fully clear on what you’re trying to do. Maybe a screenshot would help my understanding.


It was set like that, cannot remember to have done it.

Hello Jim, sorry for my bad expression. I am afraid, it cannot be described (better) by a screenshot. I just want to always have the outline view(s) and when I click a doc / folder in the Binder I do not want the outline view to be automcatically turned to the doc view.or another one. So I activate the outline view, I click a doc in the Binder and the outline view changes to another view.


I click a doc in the Binder, not outline anyore:

So I have to click “Outline view” again and so on.