Can one print the index cards in Corkboard? (Mac)

I’m actually having a problem with this too. I’m on a Mac and would like to print a series of notes from note cards onto regular paper. First, no matter how large I make the notecards, only the very beginning of each note is displayed (see screenshot attached.) Secondly, when I print them, the text of the note doesn’t print only the heading at the top of the note (see second screenshot). Screenshot below shows print preview, but I get the same result if I actually print the document. I’ve played around with every setting I can find and returned to the manual multiple times … I’m clearly missing something.

Not sure it makes a difference, but notes are .txt files that I’ve imported from the Bear note taking app.

Any assistance anyone has to offer would be vastly appreciated!

It’s hard for me to see but it appears that the text printed in the synopsis area of the index cards is Auto-fill text. An excerpt from So What are Index Cards, Anyway?, Sec. 8.2.1 of the manual:

Before mechanically printing you need to add actual text into the Synopsis field either in the Corkboard or in the Synopsis area of the Inspector. There’s some info for that in the above referenced Sec. and elsewhere in the manual.

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