Can one show the line numbers?

Can one show line numbers in a document / folder?

I don’t think so. Scrivener is meant to produce a draft rather than a finished, fully formatted manuscript. Therefore the Editor is fluid, and doesn’t really have a right margin setting to determine line breaks. Notice what happens when you change the width of the Scrivener window: line breaks change dynamically as it is resized. Therefore a line count would not really be meaningful.

Hi Fant!

I can see that you have asked a number of questions that are all essentially related to how Word does things. This is Scrivener, a completely different software. Scriv is not WYSIWYG at all. You write, then you compile to any kind of output, including screenplay.

Have you done the tutorial project? If not I suggest you do that and then come back with questions.

Well, I’d say it’s SOWYSIWYG (Some Of What You See Is What You Get). Bare-minimum things like font and point size, italic/underline/bold, etc., are formatted as they will be in the ultimate output. But much else is indeed controlled at other points in the process. I find it best to think of Scrivener as a truly blank sheet of paper–or rather a stack of blank sheets and a box of notecards, which I can fill up as I please and reorganize or discard as needed, only later to be turned into definitive text. High-end word processors like Word and Nota Bene encourage you to think in terms of final, perfected product. Scrivener is for an earlier phase of the creative process.

Scrivener focuses on the content. Word focuses on the looks.

Alright, thank you very much, David.

Hello lunk,

Many thanks, yes, I have done the tutorial, good idea.


You can show (virtual) line numbers in the Editor on the Mac. Don’t think you can on Windows yet, but as they’re supposed to become feature equal in the next version, perhaps it’s coming?

Thank you brookter,

Yes, that would be great.