Can ONLY make blank project - SERIOUS PROBLEM/BUG ?!?!

All of a sudden when I am going to make a new project based on a template, nothing happens when I click the CREATE button. I can make a blank project, in other words select the BLANK project template and create a project, but if I choose any other template, it does NOTHING at all when i click the the CREATE button.

If i type in a name that already exist, it warnes me that this project already exist, so Scrivener is responding to a click on the button and i can see the color change on the button as I click it. But there is not message and nothing happens when I am going to create a project other than a blank.

What in the world is happening ???
Version: - 06 Oct 2016

I have removed Scirvener and installed it again, I have turned of the laptop and on again. It does not allow me to create anything other than a blank project all of a sudden???

I right clicked on the Start menu item for Scrivener and selected run as administrator. This seems to make it possible to create a project again other than the blank.

This started all of a sudden, and I have no idea why it started. But as of now, I can not make a project other than blank, if I am not running Scrivener as Administrator.

If there was something with permissions to the folder where I am creating the projects, I should have equal problems making the blank project as making any of the other… so I’m clueless about this.

In case it happens to others as well, I can do it running Scrivener with Administrator rights, by right clicking and selecting run as administrator.