Can only open a new file in one split editor panel

Quick question for anyone who can help.

I’m using the split editor panels and despite clicking on the left panel (side-by-side view), if I select a new file it always opens on the right panel. The left panel is not locked, but it just automatically seems to open anything new I click on in the right panel.

I think there was a preference somewhere for that, but I can’t seem to find it now.

Any hints?


The behavior you’re describing seems to be desirable,
If your left panel is the draft and the right is notes.
Probably you should recheck the settings in See View: Move Focus to
And experiment with changing the options.

Sounds like you set View > Binder Affects to Right Editor and you want it as Current Editor.

Jennifer - Thank you! The View > Binder Affects was the preference I was looking for, but couldn’t remember where I’d set it long ago.

Many thanks for saving me a lot of headaches today!

~ Christine