Can revision colors be hidden?

I like revision colours, but it would be very nice if they could just be turned off without removing the revision per se.

I have looked (and searched, and reviewed the manual) and not found an answer, but there was a note to the effect that removing revision colours removed all revision-coloured colour from text, whether it was a revision or not, suggesting that IF colour can be suppressed, it would suppress all text colour.

That would be fine, I would just like (temporarily) monochrome text to minimise distractions when reading.

Is it possible?

I don’t think so. But you might try setting all the Revision Colors to Black. :wink:


It’s only one click in the same screen to reset them to their default color…

I confess I didn’t even try that because my reading of the manual suggested that it was purely text colouring (i.e. the nature of a “revision” was implied) but that does work! Colours are applied dynamically to something invisibly marked as a revision so setting Black changes appearaance only and restoring the default colours then restored the revisions

It would be nice to have a button for that, but your workaround is great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Cool! I have included this in my book in the Using Revision Modes chapter.

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