Can Scrivener for Windows Use Projects Synced to my iCloud Drive?

So I do double-duty between a MacBook and a desktop Windows machine. I’ve got my Scrivener files backed up on my Mac’s iCloud folder, and they work a treat. However, when I try to open them on Windows, it sees them as blank, 0kb files, and I get error messages when I try to open them.

This sounds like some confusion between data/resource forks on Mac files, and Windows not knowing what that is. Scrivener files work fine when I make them from scratch with the app (such as the tutorial file), but is there any way I can make my computer recognize .scriv files as folders, so it can go inside and find the data?

So, the good news is this has nothing to do with data forks/resource forks. Plenty of us both both Mac and PC.

The bad news is that the use of iCloud Drive to sync Scrivener projects is not recommended. There are numerous threads on the forums that delve into the whys and wherefores.

However, if you’re going to do it, make absolutely sure that you don’t have the settings on your Mac set so that it only selective downloads files that it thinks you need to your Mac. You need to be downloading all the files all the time, or you risk not having portions of your Scrivener projects loaded down. There seems to be no way to adjust these settings on the Windows client.

I recommended using DropBox to confirm that you have basic syncing going on between your Mac and PC versions of Scrivener.

You also need to make sure that you are, on the PC, using the latest Beta version of Scrivener ( as of this writing) on your Windows PC if you are using Scrivener 3 on your Mac. Scrivener 1.9 for Windows cannot read v3 projects.

Is the iCloud software installed on the PC? If it’s working correctly, it should download the whole project to the local system, after which it should behave just like any other local folder.

As Devinganger said, avoid all forms of “smart” synching. You don’t want the software deciding that it doesn’t need to up/download the whole project.