Can Scrivener handle images in the body of the work?

I doesn’t look like it does now, but will it in the future? I’m a asking particularly for technical manual’s that call for illustrations.

This is something I’ve been dealing with recently…

It CAN in the sense that you can insert an image into your text document via Edit/Insert/Image from File… (I believe simple pasting from the clipboard will be coming at some point)

But it CAN’T in the sense that you can do next to nothing with the graphic once it’s inserted. So, apart from choosing an alignment for it, you can’t resize it, position it manually, flow text around it or add a caption.

My understanding is that these (this?) types of extra functionality is very unlikely to be added to Scrivener as it’s outside the scope of the pure word wrangling purpose of the application.

If I’m wrong, I’d be more than happy for someone to correct me as I’ve found this lack of graphic and text formatting functionality to be frustrating. That said, for the text side at least, I suspect there’s much more to come in the compile options.

I see that they implemented epub for the MAC and the Window version. Since that is more self-publish stuff, I was hoping they would take images into consideration. Perhaps, let’s see what someone else says.

For what it’s worth, in the Mac version you do have minor image manipulation for inserted images; you can resize vertical/horizontal (and lock aspect ratio). Images that are in the binder as their own documents can be rotated as well and then dragged into the document as an inline image, so you have that additional functionality. 2.0 also offers linked images, i.e. images stored elsewhere on your hard drive that you insert basically an alias of into the document: you see the image, but it gets updated when you refresh the project, sofor people working with images that get altered frequently, it’s a good option.

No idea of course what the schedule is for these features in Windows, but there you go. The resizing and rotation were all available in 1.54 for Mac.

That helps a lot. Thanks.

Oh, checking this out, the Windows version does currently let you do the resizing and rotating if the image is a standalone document in the Binder. No drag and drop from there yet into a text document to make it an inline image, but anyway a little more is in place already than I’d realized.

Just downloaded version 1.7 beta. Not sure what changes have been made so far.
For a start have opened a new folder (this one) and will download some folders already set up in Beta 1.6. My main concern is whether I can incorporate .Odt files (with embedded objects) into the draft set-up. Because “Temp” is outside “Draft”, I’m not sure whether this will work as an adequate test. Word .Rtf format is OK but I prefer .Odt format. Will report after testing.

That was a quick check: .odt format is incompatible with the 1.7 beta version.

I agree, though I suppose it is more of a feature request at this point.

Besides lit writing, I also use Scrivener to organize/create article writing for blogs and write up reviews. So when I am writing those I place in images etc. So it would be nice to do quick image resizing etc in order to have placeholder images in the text.

I write educational books. They often need maps or illustrations so that was where my want came from.