Can Scrivener handle multiple projects at once

Forgive me it this has been addressed somewhere, but can Scrivener handle multiple projects at a time? I have accumulated a great number of bits and pieces and chunks of text on my comp over the years, that belong to at lest three separate books. I would like to put them all into Scrivener in a way that keeps them isolated into their separate projects, with templates/character profiles/outlines/index cards for Book B tucked out of site while i work on the ones for Book A. You must know the delightful frustration of having one book’s characters talking to you when you are working on another, where a scene for the second must be scribbled out and tucked away somewhere so you can get back to the first. Talk about non-linear writing…

So, please guide me to where this is explained, and have my sincere thanks!


Scrivener not only can handle multiple projects, it’s the fundamental way it works: You simply create a Scrivener project for, well, every project you have.

File -> New Project.

And then you put everything wherever it belongs.

And, yes, you can have multiple projects open at the same time. No problem at all.

Thank you kindly!