Box Set

Any help I can get on how to do a four book box set with Scrivener. The HELP document needs to have a blurb about this too, I believe. I’ll post what you tell me on KBoards as it will probably be helpful there too.


John Ellsworth

There wouldn’t really be much for the documentation to cover, since all of this would be more of a personal convention that you develop in your project. There isn’t a universal “right way” to work on multiple volumes in a single project (and in fact some people do not even prefer to keep them together in the same project, and will create a new project for each volume, with a separate project for all of the collective research).

Here are a few resources to get you started:

And that is just one search for “multiple books”. You may find more with some different search terms (I don’t recall the phrase “box set” being used very often however).

I know this is an old thread, but the information is still very good. If you’re looking for the Monica McCarty case study link, it’s move to:

Happy scrivening!