Multiple related books in same binder?

I’ve had multiple pieces of projects spread out between Word, Mind Manager and Evernote. These all have their virtues, but I seem to struggle with organization and access to information; for that matter, even knowing what I’ve written!

If I have multiple titles planned under a related theme, such as politics, for example, then would it make sense to do them all in one binder and just put each in it’s own subfolder? It shouldn’t present any problem, when it comes to exporting, should it?

This would let me compile Everything in one big outline or folder tree and this seems to be what I am seeking or guided to do.

Is this advisable or what precautions do you suggest?

Thanks :question:

This may help:

Thanks, that’s a good reference.

To clarify. If I want to exclude folders, when I compile, I can deselect them. Does this deselect the docs within the folders or do they have to be deselected separately? That could be laborious, if there were many. How to exclude folder with content quickest?

I see I can move folders into Draft. That’s another way I could exclude them, if deselecting the folder does not automatically deselect the document.


Actually most people will recommend that you keep each book or work as a top-level folder beneath the Draft. The Draft then becomes the holder for all of the actual output you’re doing. Then, when you compile you can visit the Contents pane and select that top-level folder as the compile target, rather than the entire draft. It’s a useful tool for all kinds of things, not just this, you can print off a chapter for proofing by selecting it alone, that sort of thing.

Those checkboxes are better for things that are one way or the other and rarely changing. An example would be someone who writes chapter notes directly into the draft outline. You would want those excluded when you print, so you disable the checkbox and forget about it.