Can’t apply style to multiple paragraphs


  • Define custom style
  • Hi-light multiple paragraphs
  • Select desired style from the style popup menu

Results: Only the first paragraph selected gets the desired style. All others change to some unknown state and need to be selected individually and style applied.

Scrivener v 3.0.1 (945). Purchased through the Mac app store.

I can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid. For me, assigning a paragraph style to multiple paragraphs works as expected, with all selected paragraphs being affected. Are there any other reproduction steps required?

All the best,

This was on a project just converted from Scrivener 2 so the selected paragraphs didn’t have any style defined. Perhaps that’s the issue? I tried again, but couldn’t replicate it. :frowning:

That shouldn’t make any difference - very strange indeed. Please let me know if you can reproduce it at all.

All the best,