Can the Editor selectively display the content from a limited number of levels in the Binder?

In the attached screenshot example, my question is: whether it’s possible for the editor to selectively display only certain levels from the Binder, i.e. not everything.

e.g. for the editor to only display level 1 from the Binder, or only levels 1 and 2 from the Binder, and for the editor to hide the contents of, say, levels 3 below?

I’ll try to explain why I want to do this.

In the Binder, I’ll outline what I want to say:

Even though my idea has several sub-points, when I write my text I want to write it all at the top level. I do this, because I want the text to flow, and not have to write about each sub-point inside the level of that point.

So, in the above example, I want to write about all the three sub-points inside the editor area of the “NEEDS CREATE PRODUCTS” level.

In the above example, there are 3 sub-points, but in some of my outlines the sub-points can be a dozen or more. Hence, in the editor I don’t want to see a dozen blank areas. In the editor I just want to see the writings of the level one points (the parts shown in red).

Can this be done in Scrivener 3?

In general the answer to your question is yes, but the editor is a selection based tool—it will not itself filter what you select—that is a job to be done at the selection level.

For example, try clicking on the document “There are needs in the marketplace”, and then Command-clicking on “our whizz bang…”. See how that works? Only those two files are viewed in Scrivenings.

In other words: if you just want to view the two Level 1 folders as text then you need to first select just those folders (the Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select Subgroups command can come in handy here). Now there is a little trick here to get around: if a Multiple Selection consists only of containers, the editor acts a little differently than if there is a mixed-type selection. This applies to all the view modes you will note, each in their own unique ways (a stack of corkboards, an expandable but concise outliner, full Scrivenings text for each selected group). So the simple way around that is to have a mixed-type selection. Merely Command-click on one individual file somewhere and now you’ll only see the red text (and well, that one “dummy” item you selected, but hopefully that can be ignored).

Thanks Amber. I think that approach should suffice for my needs.

Here’s what it looks like using the above tip.