can the snapshot audio be turned off?

Is there a way to turn off the camera shutter noise that Scrivener plays when taking a snapshot?

There’s no option for this at the moment, no.

What does Scriv do if it can’t find the file? Will it crash or just not play a sound? If it’s the second one, then just deleting or renaming the source file will be a workaround for this.

I don’t know what Scriv would do if it didn’t find the .wav file. I replaced it with another .wav with 0 seconds of silence. Ahh - that’s better :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, simeva, for the tip.

I found the sound file under Program Files – Scrivener – Resources.

It’s labelled camera_click.

I opened it with an audio editor and trimmed out the entire camera sound.

For me the sound was unnecessary and simply too loud – I’d have some Leonard Cohen playing softly in the middle of the night and click on Snapshot and that click-ZIP sound would blast out like a squirrel got electrocuted behind my computer. I jumped every time.