Can we snapshot a binder?

Hi. I’m trying to figure out how to work with snapshot. Right now i’m writing a novel and i have a binder for every chapter of my book. In each binder, there are documents wich contain different part of that chapter. When i select all of the files in one binder to make a snap shot, it seems it only takes a snapshot of the first file in the binder.

Is it possible to take snapshot of the entire binder? And if not, why when i select all of the files it doesn’t take a snapshot of all of them?

The left channel where the names of your folders and documents are displayed is known is the Binder.
You snapshot one document or folder containing content in its editor at a time.
For instance, if you snapshot a single it will snapshot.
If you have a document containing sub-documents (all with content in the editor) it will only snapshot the parent document.
The same would apply to a folder containing documents.
Also if you highlight two douments in the Binder, only the first would snapshot.
However, if the folder has no content in the editor, nothing would snapshot.

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Thank you for the answer. English is not my first langage so maybe i’m a little confused with the names of everything. But i understand that it’s not possible to snapshot multiples files together at the same time, is that right?

Yes, that is correct.

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But i understand that it’s not possible to snapshot multiples files together at the same time, is that right?

This is something you can do. If you select many items in the binder, the commands for taking snapshots are still active and can be used (the shortcuts and the Documents ▸ Snapshots commands). This is very useful with the titled snapshot command, because you can give all of these snapshots a similar name (like “second draft”).

Try this:

  1. Select the special Draft folder (if you do not know, use Navigate ▸ Reveal Draft Folder to move the selection there.

  2. Use Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select with Subdocuments.

    Note: for Windows users, here you will need to Ctrl-click on Draft to remove it from the selection, because of a mistake in the code. It is supposed to just ignore it rather than making the user understand that this is not correct and manually ignore it themselves.

  3. Press ⌘5 / Ctrl+5 for a regular snapshot, or ⇧⌘5 / Shift+Ctrl+5 for a titled snapshot.

That should work!


Thank you. I tried. I was able to select all of the documents, but the snapshot only captures the first file.

Are you using the CMD and/or Shift key to select multiple?

i went directly in the menu in Edition.

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Four different documents snapshotted at the same time.



One other thing I thought of: have you perhaps clicked into the editor after selecting, that would change your selection from the binder to whatever is selected in the editor. That may only be one thing, especially if you are using Scrivenings mode (where all of the selected text is shown at once).


Oh thank you. At first i thought that it didn’t work, but then when i navigate through my files, i see that each files has a snapshot of it. i thought i would see the snapshots of every files at once, but no. But they exist!

is there a place where i could see all of my snapshots of the entire novel i’ma writing? Or i have to be in the specific file to see it?

There’s Documents → Snapshots → Show Snapshots Manager.


Thank you! I see it!

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I apologise for being incorrect.