Can you change the font used in scriptwriting mode?

I’ve noticed that the default font used in script weighting mode is “Courier Prime” most likely because that style of font is the industry standard for movie scripts and play writes, but the comic industry doesn’t have a standard. So I’m curious, can it be changed? I tried chancing it to Helvetica Neue by going to styles and selecting Helvetica Neue which did change the font till I add a Panel number, Panel description, Character, Dialogue, Parenthetical or, Page Number. Then it went back to using Courier Prime.

I believe the script format itself can specify typefaces for things. So, what you really want to do is edit/tweak (a copy of) the script format you are using.

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Yes, I see what you’re saying. On Mac you have to go to:

[Formating] > [Scriptwrighting] > [Script Settings]

From there you can edit font, size, shortcuts ect. Once you’re done adjusting the settings to your liking and you confirme the changes you can then save it as a template by going to:

[File] > [Save as templet]

No, the industry standard font is Courier Final Draft. It’s more likely that Courier Prime was included because it does conform to industry requirements and it is free to use and distribute. Courier Final Draft is property of Final Draft.

The advantage of using a 12-point, 10-pitch mono font like Courier Prime is that it makes the contents of the page uniform. You get a clearer idea of how much material you’re writing. I’d imagine that would be helpful in comics, too.

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Isn’t it because with this formatting one page == one minute in the movie?

Well, that’s theoretically the result of having uniform pages of industry-standard formatting. In truth, it’s more of a rough guideline. For example, dialogue-heavy scripts tend to be less than a minute per page. THE SOCIAL NETWORK is over 140 pages, but the film came in around two hours.

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