Can you filter documents by date?

I’ve not been able to find a way to filter documents by date and wondered if one exists?

I wanted to filter the documents in a large Scrivener file by Created or Modified date. My immediate reason for wanting to do this was so that I could review what I wrote yesterday – which could be in documents anywhere is a large hierarchically nested structure.

I tried to approximate it by using the Outline view and sorting on the date column, but this doesn’t work with nested outlines

If there is a way I’d be very pleased to hear it!

(If not, can it go on the wishlist??)

Yup, that’s the trick, you just need a flat list to work from. The easiest way to do this is to search for “*” with the Project Search tool. That will give you a flat list that you can easily sort off of. You may want to save that search for the future, calling the tab “All Draft Files” or whatever. Note that trick works with all of the search options. Thus you can find only files with Document Notes to begin with, and then sort by Modification, if you know for a fact the thing you are looking for is in a notes sidebar.

I have a similar question: Can I set the modified date for the folders (Chapter-level) to update for the most recently modified scene in the Chapter? Or can I add a column in the Outliner that lets me see date modified for scenes only? (Chapter folders just don’t change that much for me.)

No, there isn’t anything like that in the software. The modification date only tracks when the item itself has been modified in any way. It should be relatively simple see what container a modified item comes from though, by selecting it and using View/Reveal in Binder or (Opt-Cmd-R).