Can you get PDFs, images, etc. back out?

Hello, I downloaded the demo a couple days ago and I’m still in the process of “kicking the tires.” So far, I’m finding Scrivener to be a very intuitive, helpful program. One question I haven’t been able to figure out for myself: Can you easily get PDFs, images, etc. back out? I’m planning to store PDFs and images in Scrivener that will eventually be published with the story. It seems that Scrivener makes a copy of the inputed files in the package container. I suppose I could go grab a copy out of there, but I’m guessing there’s probably an easier way.

File -> Export



Does this export the original file? I got the impression that Scrivener recompresses everything when it imports graphic files.


I haven’t witnessed any changes to the files themselves, but what I find a bit confusing is that you have to export more then one item from the binder to restore the filenames. The document name is lost when I try to export a single file from the research folder. :confused:

I’m not really sure what you mean… That’s just not true (unless you have discovered a bug, in which case please post the steps to reproduce so that I can look into it). If you export one file - or many - the names of the documents that are in the binder are used. As for graphic files etc, this is how it works:

Anything other than text that you import - PDF files, images, movies etc - are just copied into the .scriv package and allocated an internal ID file name. Nothing is actually done to them.

Text is different. Text files are converted to RTFD internally so that Scrivener can manipulate them easily. Images dragged into text may be compressed to JPG or PNG if the text is exported as RTF - but only images that are inside text documents, not images that are separate image documents.

So, to answer the op, File > Export > Files is exactly what he needs. That will get the original files out in their original states, using the file names and structure in the binder.

Hope that helps.
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Keith, what if you resize an image after importing? I’ve had the impression that it is recompressed.


No, it’s not actually resized any more than when you zoom in or out on an image in Preview. Again, though, this only refers to images kept as separate documents. Images inside text will be recompressed.

Hi Keith,

thanks for helping me out here. The situation in Scrivener (1.12 Beta) is as follows: Let’s say I have a JPG image in the binder named ‘Garten1’

  1. I select ‘Garten1’ in the binder
  2. I click on File->Export->Files…
  3. the save dialog pops up and the field with the filename is empty. The ‘Export’ button is greyed out, so I have to enter a new filename to make it active.
  4. Scrivener copies the JPG file with the new filename to the destination folder :frowning:

This does not happen when I select multiple images or PDF files (Scrivener would create a folder containing all the files with correct filenames). Any idea what’s going wrong?

Uh, yeah, you’re not using the completely unreleased version that I am. :blush: Sorry about that, my bad. I’d forgotten that this was a recent addition, only added after the last beta. So, in the next update, if you select only one file, its filename will populate the text field. In the release version (and latest released beta), you are absolutely correct and I am utterly wrong.

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Thanks for the speedy replies, all. That answered my question perfectly. I’m continuing to enjoy my test drive of Scrivener (and really wish I would have had it installed prior to working on a big research paper last semester; it would have saved me and hour or two of fiddling with files). It’s looking like a keeper.