Can you lock a section to prevent changes?

I finished a manuscript in a Scrivener project, and then decided to work on a sequel. Because all of my notes are in this project, I simply created a new manuscript, changed my compile target, and got to work. However, I do use Project Find & Replace a lot. Is there a way to mark a group of documents as read-only?

If not, I’ll take a snapshot and just remember to restore it every so often.


No, there is no specific locking mechanism, so you’ll have to work around this. (Adding a locking mechanism is a relatively popular Wish List request here.)

The most visible way I can think of to denote binder items as LOCKED or READ ONLY or DON’T UPDATE! or whatever, would be to create an appropriately named label and give it a nice bright red color. Turn on View > Use Label Color In > Binder. Assign it to your locked documents, and at least they’ll be harder to miss.

You might also make a zipped backup of the entire project, so if you ever realize you’ve updated something you didn’t mean to, you have the original to fall back on. (Perhaps that’s what you meant by ‘snapshot’ in your OP.)


On the right side, click the Protect Workbook menu. Select the Protect Workbook Structure option. (Optional) Set a password to allow changes. Under the “Protect workbook for” section, check the Structure option.

Yup, that’d the way to do it if this were an Excel forum.

Thanks, Jim! Yeah, I’m not intentionally making any changes, but an errant Project Find & Replace might be my undoing (pun intended).

Another alternative would be to print the document to a PDF or other static format, and import the resulting file as Research.


That’s indeed true.

…for Excel.