Can You Organize New Icons Into Folders?

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I am a new user of Scrivener, and I am very excited about working with it! I completed the Interactive Tutorial (that took like 5 hours, not 1) and am in the copying-all-my-documents-over stage of novel writing. I had a crazy mess of notes, profiles, drafts, research, etc. in Google Docs, and I was desperate for a program that could help me organize everything as I work on a new draft, and I think Scrivener’s the one!

Since I am importing an insane amount of documents, I am taking advantage of the custom icon feature to label all of my binder folders and select docs so I can find everything more easily. I quickly ran out of Scrivener’s default icons and started importing my own. Importing custom icons is no problem, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to organize them by folders like Scrivener’s default icons (Book, Character, Flag, etc.), because the alphabetical list of all the icons haphazardly thrown in together is pretty unwieldy.


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Yes, there’s a neat trick to this. Just place the inner menu title in parentheses in the icon title. So, for example, if you name an icon “Characters (Evil Char)”, then the icon will be called “Evil Char” and will appear inside the “Characters” submenu. Or, if you call an icon “Ideas (Blue Sky)”, you’ll get an icon called “Blue Sky” inside an “Ideas” submenu.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Keith -

I had to re-import the icons after I renamed them, but your method worked perfectly. Thanks! :mrgreen:

Follow Up Question -

Can I also sort Scrivener’s default unsorted Icons (Blackboard, Light Bulb, etc) into folders?

There’s no way to do the latter, no, sorry (well, not without hacking the resources inside the program itself, which you’d then have to do every time Scrivener was updated).

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hi everyone. i’m unsure if this is an actual thing or not, but i had a set of custom icons that were in unique folders of their own categories in the custom icon tab (ie. there was a dropdown menu for the custom icons that looked like hearts, another for ones that looked like stars, etc etc) and i was recently importing new custom icons, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to create a folder for them. i feel as though it’s possible, seeing as the previous set of icons had their own separate folders within the custom icon menu, but i’m not sure how to do it with my own. if anyone can help, thank you in advance.

Hi. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

Windows specific answer

Under Windows it can’t be done.
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I create categories by prefixing my icons’ names.

00 this
00 that
05 that one
05 that other one

Or aa, bb, cc

aa flag1
aa flag2
aa flag3

bb bullet black
bb bullet blue
bb bullet yellow

The list is alphabetically sorted in the app, so this creates groups.

. . . . .

Leave yourself space inbetween, you’ll be happy you did if you ever want to insert new icons somewhere.
Thus the 00 followed by 05
or aa, bb: which allows ab, ac ad, ba bc bd etc etc.

P.S. For the sake of the example I used 00 and 05, but the smart way is to START at 05, then 10, 15, 20. (This way you’d keep slots available before your current first group.)

This can be done in the Mac version. Refer to §7.4.1, under subheading, Creating Your Own Icon Sets, in the user manual PDF. It’s a very simple naming scheme for the icon files themselves: Stars (Green Star).png or to add one to an existing group, e.g. Flag (Rainbow).png.


thank you so much !!! this worked for me and i couldn’t be happier!

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