Canadians, the “civilized ones” in North America

Canadians have a well known reputation for being the “civilized ones” in North America. That is why some people are surprised and even shocked by the ongoing trucker’s protest over vaccine mandates.

But there is another side of Canada. To understand that side just consider that Ice Hockey is the national sport and passion. And that after learning to walk Canadians learn how to skate.

These two videos will help you to understand the other side of the Canadian psyche. :smiley:

Civilized peoples have an unhealthy tendency to endure more bullshit (“because the cleverer gives in”), but when they finally snap, usually they fight back way more – let’s say enthusiastic?

It’s a pleasant surprise, at worst. I hope they stay strong and inspire others around the world.

One theory as to why Canadians are seemingly more agreeable and polite than other nations is that at the time of the American revolution, the law abiding ones who wanted to stay loyal to the British Crown aka the United Empire Loyalists, moved from what is now the USA to Canada. That left the lawless, riff-raff in charge of the USA. At least that is how some people account for it. :innocent:

But their national passion for hockey suggests that it would be fatal to mistake politeness for weakness. Don’t mess with Canadians. If you push too hard you will regret it.