cancel autocapitalise after 'retype'

Good day

I am finding it a bit cumbersome to cancel autocapitalisation of abbreviations in text: For example, when I type e.g. or i.e. then scrivener automatically capitalises the E or I. It would be great if, like in MS Word, when you retype an autocorrected word then scrivener cancels the autocorrect function in that specific word. For example, if scrivener capitalises the e after I type e.g., it will cease to do this for this word when I delete the E.g. and retype e.g.
Will this perhaps be possible?

Thanks for Scrivener!

Sorry, correction on the previous post!

Scrivener does not autocapitalise e.g. but it does i.e (becomes I.e., probably because it thinks the i refers to the person (I).

Neverteless, I would still like for scrivener to cancel autocapitalise if you retype a word. It also becomes an issue when you wish to type species names e.g. H. sapiens which becomes H. Sapiens.

Alternatively, is there perhaps a way to turn this feature off for certain words?