Cancel "Open Existing Project" Crashes Start Panel

I did a quick search but couldn’t find this specific bug. In the 0.2.9 release I’ve found the start panel disappears (crashes) when I cancel after having clicked “open existing project”. I click “open existing project” and browse the files available but rather than selecting a file to open I press cancel expecting to return to the start panel where I can open a recent or new file instead however clicking cancel rather than making a selection causes the start panel to crash.

This is a known bug unfortunately. Hopefully a fix will be released in a week or two.

Actually, this is a different bug (or at least slightly different) from the “crash on new projects” bug–I get this one too, and I don’t get the new project crash. (Although if we’re lucky, Lee’s fix for that and other crashes will fix this too.) Thanks for the report, laffarsmith! “Cancel” should of course work as you describe.