Cannot compile a very long document

Hello, is there a limit on what we can compile?
It seems that I cant’t compile a very long documents. I printed as a PDF and it is about 2.500 pages.

That seems very long so my first guess would be to restart your computer (Mac or Windows?) with as little else running as possible (if it’s Mac, hold down Shift as it boots up) and try again. How much RAM do you have? I assume you have plenty of hard disk/SSID space free.


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Well, I didn’t restart my Mac. Went out, left computer on, came back and compiled without issues. And I just had Scrivener and Chrome opened as when I left. Is this a bit mysterious?
I run and iMac with 8GB ram on a SSD hard disk.

Mysterious indeed. I was thinking it might be down to not enough useable memory or something like that. I know for instance running things like Topaz Photo AI on a machine with 16G of RAM strictly limits how many images can be in memory waiting for processing at any one time, and that’s on a machine with M2Pro processor. So I just wondered if it was a processing overhead problem.

Still, it’s done, and that’s what matters.


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Just a guess:

Perhaps given the size of the output, something became overwhelming for the compiler.
But then the files would have been already loaded (to ram?) on the second attempt.

If I am right, restarting your computer would lead to the next compile to fail too.
So I would think that should you have to later redo that compile (having restarted your computer since), display the whole of what’s to be compiled as a scrivening first. (??)

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Not sure putting 2500 pages of text as a Scrivening in the editor is a great idea. Sounds like asking for it to me.

The Compiler must process the whole, but it never needs to have all the parts up at once, does it? But with Scrivenings, you are asking the app to deliver the whole with all its working parts in live/editable space.


It’ll take the time it takes and then all files will be preloaded. (?)
Can’t be worse than a tin foil hat in a microwave oven. (Kitten not included.)

But ok, I get your point.
Start at the top of the binder and load them one by one using the next document arrow in the editor’s header bar. (?)

Or write smaller books.

There is no proof it’s even related.

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In Scrivenings everything is ok. And it is a few years I have this long document, which is a sort of a collection of an old diary. I didn’t even know how long it was until I printed it as a pdf.
It is the first time I tried to compile it, there was no need before. Anyway Scrivener has this cool feature where you can compile only a chunk of files at a time, so it might have been best to make a few volumes.